Dr. Mickey Lester


It has been more than 40 years since I started my consultant and general paediatric practice. I care for children from birth until 18 years of age - and many for a lot longer. I now have, in my practice, the grandchildren of the first infants I cared for.

Parental concerns have not changed very much over time. Parenting, however, has. This has also been an impetus to write "SAY AAAH;" I hope to uncomplicate" health issues that for the most part are not that difficult but have become stressors for caregivers.

As I reflect on my career, I believe that I have been able to help my patients best by maintaining a sense of humour and a common-sense approach. Used in proper doses, I find that both can often diffuse feelings of frustration, confusion and even desperation - often a caregiver's tears will evaporate and frowns will disappear. Sometimes a dose of reassurance can replace a dose of medicine.

My credentials include:

  • Consultant and teaching paediatrician at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children for 35 years
  • Assistant Professor of paediatrics at the University of Toronto
  • Chief of Paediatrics at the Trillium Health Centre for 5 years
  • Paediatric advisor for Mississauga Community Living for 5 years
  • Frequent speaker at events for parents on paediatric health issues
  • Frequent lecturer to family practitioners on various paediatric health issues
  • Teacher and mentor, providing training and office experience for medical students, family practice residents, nurse-practitioners and paediatric residents